Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

What We Offer

We offer niche custom solutions and full-spectrum consulting and engineering services in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

We help you with:

  • Concept to deployment end-to-end AI consulting and engineering
    • Exploration of your business objectives, data, and workflow
    • Identification of opportunities for improving business performance by leveraging AI and ML
    • Characterization of high potential target AI solutions based upon your business objectives
    • Identification of Deep Learning Network (DLN) architectures and Machine Learning models and algorithms matching your target AI solutions
    • Designing, building, machine learning, validation, evaluation, tuning, and optimization of the DLN using your data
    • Deployment and provisioning of your trained AI on cloud or on-premise servers
    • Operational maintenance of your AI and access provision
    • Retraining and redeployment of the DLN periodically as needed
  • Custom private AI development with data confidentiality
  • Training your team to use the AI
  • (Optional) Training your team on AI and ML and other deep technology topics

How We Deploy and Maintain Your AI

We offer all available options for deployment and operational maintenance of your AI:

  • Cloud hosting of the AI on high-availability servers provided and managed by TISRA
  • Cloud hosting of the AI on servers provided by you or by your service provider
  • On-premise hosting of the AI on your own servers

Who We Serve

We offer AI&ML solutions and services to all types of data-driven businesses.

We specialize in AI&ML solutions for Industry 4.0 for large and medium industrial manufacturing enterprises.

To kick start your AI & ML journey today:

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